Thanks to all the people who create our custom ROMs and to all the people who help me with my site. Also thanks to all the people who help us in any other way. If you feel like you should be here but aren't, just message me and I will add you.

Thiago Silva

Website helper

Telegram: @Bygrilinho


Official maintainer of Superior OS

Unofficial maintainer of crDroid and Ancient ROM

Telegram: @cool585

XDA Developers:


Official maintainer of Pixel Experience

Telegram: @trpsl

XDA Developers:

Aslam Ansari

Unofficial maintainer of Arrow OS and Derpfest

Telegram: @Mhdaslam790

XDA Developers:


ᴇʀғᴀɴ ᴀʙᴅɪ

Official maintainer of LineageOS and Mokee ROM

Maker of ErfanGSI tools

Telegram: @Khode_Erfan

Andrew Hexen - [River | Payton]

Official maintainer of Havoc OS

Telegram: @SyberHexen

XDA Developers:


Telegram: @absailor