Evolution X

Evolution X is a flashable custom ROM to bring Google Pixel experience to your Android phone, with addons. It offers many unique features, such as accent colors, gesture navigation customizations, lock screen enhancements and much more. The OS provides frequent software updates and monthly security patches.


Bugs: No Bug i found.


Battery life: Stock (Up to 5 hours)

Stability / Speed: Just like the Stock Rom. It's perfect.

All functions of the Stock Rom are included.




Telegram: https://t.me/cool585

XDA Developers: https://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=8869376 

The Google Apps are included.


Changelog Evolution X:








  • Updated to Feb patch






Device Changelog: 

  • fixed call/message waiting issue
  • rebased tree 
  • kernel rebased(by trpsl)
  • crc check disable
  • fixed bootloop
  • caf kernel(by trpsl)
  • dt rebase

 ROM Changelog: 


  • SystemUI: Make scramble PIN layout Multi-User friendly 
  • Add Option to disable night light on FOD
  • Always keep clock widget visible while dozing 
  • Date styles: Add Bootleg's styles 
  • Date styles: Add Q beta pill 
  • Decrease line spacing in sammy clock styles 
  • Introduce lockscreen date styles
  • Introduce RGB Accent Picker 
  • overlays: Remove AOSP Accents 
  • Network Traffic: remove status bar animation 
  • Refactor lockscreen clock/date styles 
  • ScreenshotHelper: ignore timeout when taking partial screenshots 
  • Settings: For Kobe and Gianna 
  • SettingsLib: Don't show system overlays on apps list





Initial build by : aslam Ansari


- kernel upsteeamed

- dt  updated


------All is Working. (For me motox4custom)------





  •  Jan patch
  • Lot of underhood changelog 
  • Version bumbed to 4.0
  • updates on source tree
  • mic fixed (credit to trpsl)
  • gcam slowmo fixed (thnx to trpsl)
  • lot of underhood changes


More Soon


This logo is exactly adapted to the boot animation.

Install this in Fastboot



fastboot flash logo_a Evo.bin


fastboot flash logo_b Evo.bin

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