ion is based on AOSP, but with Pixel Goodies & lots of customizations. This Rom has many features but it is not perfect yet. Unfortunately the System UI crashes again and again for some people. But if these bugs are fixed, this could be the best custom rom for the Moto X4. 


Known bugs:

• If you have the problem that the alarm clock always restarts the system ui, then turn the status bar icons off and on in the preferences. After that everything runs until a restart. Then just turn the icons off and on again. But you don't have to turn them all on.

• If you can't hear audio from your Bluetooth devices, disable HD audio, then disable and reenable Bluetooth. It should work again.

• Always on display is not working.


Battery life: Stock (Up to 5 hours)

Stability / Speed: Just like the Stock Rom. It's perfect.


All functions of the Stock Rom are included




Telegram: @trpsl

XDA Developers:

GApps are included.

ion Changelog:



ion 2.2.a 20191218



- December Security Patch

- Added Lockscreen Binary clock style

- Added Lockscreen charging animation

- Added Customizable Rouneded corner & Padding

- Added QS Tile animation

- Added Smart Charging

- Added screenrecord option in Power Menu

- Added Gaming Mode

- Added Battery Light customization

- Added option to customize QS Panel footer text

- Added option to customize Ambient Display brightness

- Added option to hide back arrow gesture

- Added Circle battery style

- Added old merged type mobile data indicator

- Added Reboot Bootloader/SystemUI option in Reboot tile

- Added Data Switch Tile

- Added Edge Lighting

- Added new Network Traffic Layout

- Added option to change Lockscreen Visualizer color

- Added button navigation bar layout

- Added toggle to hide location icon from statusbar

- Added Pixel Live Wallpaper

- Boost Framework improvements

- Brightness dialog improvements

- Fixed Bluetooth crash

- Fixed possible SystemUI crash

- Fixed screenrecord crash on custom DPI

- Fixed clock not refreshing in some cases

- Fixed navigation bar gets enabled after reboot

- Fixed battery charging symbol not refreshing

- Fixed Lockscreen date fonts not changing in some cases

- Improved Screen Cast Tile

- Improved Privacy Indicator

- Improved Live Display Tile

- Improved clock settings for devices with notch

- Improved screenrecord

- Improved power button torch

- Improved Network Traffic

- Improved Statusbar icons padding

- Improved ionizer

- Increased Wi-Fi scan interval

- Updated some Google Apps

- Lots of other bug fixes and improvements



-added dirac sound enhancements

-upstreamed kernel (thanks: @daedroza)


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