How to install TWRP recovery and Magisk

Installing a Custom Recovery is the first step to using root and Custom ROMs on your device. The process is really simple, and will allow you to customize your device even further.

1. Installing TWRP

• Download the latest TWRP image and installer for your device

• On your PC, download the ADB Tools and extract it

• Copy the TWRP files you downloaded to the same folder as the ADB tools

• Put the phone in fastboot mode

• Type fastboot boot twrp.img (replace twrp.img with the filename of the image file)

   - Your phone will now boot to TWRP

• Now go in Advanced > ADB Sideload, start the sideload, and in CMD do adb sideload (replace with the filename of the zip file)

• Done! Now TWRP recovery is installed on your device. To boot into recovery, hold down the Power + Volume down buttons, then cycle to the options until you find "Recovery", then click on the Power button.

2. Installing Magisk

• Download the latest Magisk installer file and put it in the ADB tools folder (or in your device storage)

• Inside TWRP, go to Advanced > ADB Sideload, then do adb sideload (replace with the Magisk zip filename)

  - If you placed it in your device storage then click "Install" and find the file

• Done! You now have Magisk.

Video guide (by Munchy):

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